Bringing Science to the Paddock

'Bringing science to the paddock' takes scientific journal articles of interest and relevance to CLMA members and removes the jargon to get to the point. Articles will continue to be added to this section every quarter. Thank you to Lynn Day for creating these articles.

Successful pastoralism in the arid zone – what can we learn from Sir Sydney Kidman

Sir Sydney Kidman is renowned for his astounding success as a cattleman in the late 1800s and early 1900s. His ‘methods’ were never written down, and the author of this article uses various indirect sources (e.g. ex-employees, associates, newspaper articles, stock journals and other public records) to infer a possible business model for Kidman’s pastoral operations.

Fire and its management in central Australia

To help tackle the problems, there are 5 key recommendations for managing fire in central Australia: